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Ph.D Applicants - January 15, 2023
MS Applicants - May 1, 2023

Current research in the Department of Pharmacology focuses on cancer biology, leukemia, drug discovery and delivery, structure-based drug design, cell signaling, cardiovascular electrophysiology and disease, neurodegeneration, and stem cells.

This program awards:

PharmacologyThis work is supported by extramural funding, particularly from NIH. To continue this excellent tradition in research and teaching and to keep pace with changes in Pharmacology, our department is enhancing its research strengths and expanding into new research areas.

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Virtual Open House: October 12 5–6pm

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Please direct inquiries to:

Gabriela Lozanova,
Assistant Director of Graduate and MD/Ph.D. Admissions

Office of Admissions
766 Irving Ave.
Weiskotten Hall, Rm. 1212
Syracuse, NY 13210

Phone: 315-464-4570
Email: admiss@upstate.edu

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