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Cell and Developmental Biology

Ph.D Applicants - January 15, 2023
MS Applicants - May 1, 2023

Research in the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology explores the molecular and biochemical mechanisms of cellular function and development.

This program awards:

The Department provides a collaborative research community with research interests that include understanding cellular processes mediated by cytoskeletal dynamics, cell biology of the nervous system, cancer biology, and differentiation and morphogenesis of tissues and organs. One of our strengths is the use of diverse model systems, which include mammalian cell cultures, organoids, bioengineered culture systems, mouse, rat, chicken, zebrafish, yeast, and C. elegans.

Students and faculty use a variety of research methods including sophisticated light microscopy (including STED, laser scanning confocal microscopy, spinning disc confocal microscopy, widefield deconvolution imaging, real-time fluorescence microscopy, TIRF microscopy, light sheet microscopy), advanced image processing, electron microscopy, tissue culture, stereotactic surgery, and a complete range of molecular and biochemical techniques.

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Cell and Developmental Biology


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Gabriela Lozanova,
Assistant Director of Graduate and MD/Ph.D. Admissions

Office of Admissions
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Phone: 315-464-4570
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