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Alumni Mentor

The program will provide students in SUNY Upstate Medical University, College of Graduate Studies, the opportunity to develop a mentoring relationship with successful and experienced alumni. Our goal is to have mentors and mentees regularly interact and learn from each other. It gives students the opportunity to ask questions about your mentor’s field of study and career path; seek advice as you prepare for your career (resumes, cover letters, employment, etc).

Benefits for Alumni Mentors:

  • Opportunity to give back to the College of Graduate Studies
  • Network with students
  • Share your knowledge
  • Build a new network of future alumni
  • Career opportunities
  • Continued connection to the College of Graduate Studies

Mentor Form

Benefits for Mentees:

  • Build your network
  • Learn from professionals
  • Career Guidance
  • Educational Guidance
  • Professional Development
  • Help to build your soft skills

Mentee Form