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Graduate Studies Faculty

Norifumi Urao, MD/PhD

Norifumi Urao, MD/PhD
Appointed 06/17/19
5322 Weiskotten Hall
766 Irving Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13210

315 464-7984

Current Appointments

Hospital Campus

Research Programs and Affiliations

  • Biomedical Sciences Program

Research Interests

  • Mechanism of wound healing and tissue repair/bone marrow stem cell reactivity to stress and injury/oxidative stress and epigenetic gene regulation


  • American Heart Association (AHA)

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As a research scientist with clinical experience in internal medicine and cardiology, I have chosen to focus on gaining knowledge on ischemic organ injury. Our laboratory's area of focus is to understand wound healing/tissue regeneration after ischemic damage and the long-term impacts of obesity/diabetes on the immune system.

We currently focus on the following interdependent projects:

  1. Impact of bone marrow stem cell dysfuction on tissue regeneration
  2. Mechanism of long-term immune memory induced by obesity/diabetes/metabolic syndrome
  3. Innate immune regulation by dynamic leukocyte trafficking to/from hamatopoietic organ

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