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Ojashpi Singh Kapali

Ojashpi Kapali

Name: Ojashpi Singh Kapali

Home Country: Nepal

Undergraduate education: Tribhuvan University-2018

PhD Degree-granting Program: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Urology

PhD Advisor: Dr. Vladimir Kuznetsov

Description of Research Project:
I focus on the role of the R-loop in Basal-like breast cancer. R-loop also known as RNA: DNA hybrid is basically a roadblock in the genome that is essential to regulate the traffic of several genomic processes like replication, transcription, etc., and when dysregulated this could lead to several neurological disorders as well as cancers. I am trying to figure out how this R-loop could affect Basal-like breast cancer pathobiology and if targeting this could help treat this aggressive cancer.

Favorite thing about SUNY Upstate:
It is a very helpful and supportive community with several cutting-edge technologies. It also has expert and understanding advisors who would give you proper guidance to work efficiently.

Favorite thing about Syracuse or Central New York:
Syracuse could is a perfectly balanced place. Here, you will experience a city vibe that is not too crowded along with natural destinations. Within a short distance, you have lots of lakes, and state parks for relaxing getaways. CNY also has Niagara falls, lake George, and white face mountain for a long weekend getaway.

What I do for fun:
In my free time, I like to travel, read books, play different sports and also watch movies/series.

Email: [email protected]


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