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Leonardo Garcia Dettori

Leonardo DettoriName: Leonardo Garcia Dettori

Home Country: Brazil

Undergraduate Education: Federal University of Itajuba (Brazil) and University of Rochester (US) - 2018

PhD Degree-granting Program: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

PhD Advisor: Dr. Alaji Bah

Description of Research Project:

I conduct research on how disordered proteins regulate R-loop function. R-loops are a form of RNA-DNA hybrids that, when dysregulated, can lead to cancer and neurological disorders. Thus, several different proteins evolved to regulate R-loop formation and resolution in a  timely manner. My research focuses on the structural and biophysical characterization of how intrinsically disordered proteins interact with R-loops.

Favorite thing about SUNY Upstate: SUNY Upstate has a very friendly community.

Favorite thing about Syracuse or Central New York: Syracuse is a very multicultural city!

What I do for fun: In my free time, I like to play videogames and watch movies/TV series. I also love to hang out with my friends and spend time with my cats.

Email: dettoril@upstate.edu

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