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Loan Deferments

Loan deferments are processed through the Office of Graduate Medical Education. All loan deferments MUST indicate intern or resident status; student status deferment forms CANNOT be processed. Deferments are only certified for the current program year.

Please be sure to fill out all appropriate sections of the deferment form, and clearly indicate whether the form should be returned to you (via email or you will pick up) or if we should submit it on your behalf.  Please provide your email and/or submission information (fax# or email to which form should be submitted). 

Loan deferment forms may be submitted via several options:  

  • In person
GME Office - UH 1816
  • GME dropbox (24/7 access) 
located to the LEFT of our office door
  • Campus mail
  GME Office - UH 1816
  • Email
[email protected]

  Questions?  Contact our office via email:  [email protected] or via phone:  315-464-8948.