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Executive Council

George Koutsouras

George W. Koutsouras, DO, MPH

PGY6, Neurosurgery
Chair, Resident & Fellow Forum
[email protected]

The RFF has the opportunity to bridge a communication gap between trainees, faculty and the global institution at Upstate University Hospital. We can connect trainees to leadership opportunities around the institution. We have a unique position to give all trainees an avenue to voice issues and concerns they or their peers may be facing to create a better and safer work environment at Upstate. This is my hope for the RFF and we have already begun making strides toward these endeavors.

Ketan Dayma

Ketan Dayma, MD

PGY3, Radiology
Vice Chair, Resident & Fellow Forum
[email protected]

Residency and fellowship training is a challenging period of our career. We can take care of patients only when we are able to take care of ourselves. Creating a culture where trainees feel valued by their colleagues, faculty and the hospital administration helps maintain their well-being. I believe Residents and Fellows Forum can serve as a platform for our concerns and help us make our work environment better.