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Support Staff



A team of qualified support staff assist our physicians in all aspects of a patientsmedical care including scheduling, assisting with diagnostic testing, education and teaching, assisting with direct patient care, assisting with billing, and being available to answer generalized questions and concerns.

Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner functions both independently and in conjunction with the physicians in our outpatient location in order to perform evaluation and management services for patients referred for gastrointestinal disorders.

Registered Nurses

In the outpatient site, the registered nurse assists primarily with the care of those patients in the outpatient setting. The nurses are available to respond to specific patient questions, provide ongoing patient education, and provide support to the physicians during patient care sessions.

in the outpatient procedural suite assist primarily by providing nursing support to the physicians while in the procedural suite. Duties include intake,education, procedural assistance, assisting with conscious sedation, and monitoring of the patients pre, during, and post procedure.

Licensed Practical Nurses

In the outpatient procedural suite, licensed practical nurses assist primarily by providing nursing support to the physicians while in the procedural suite. While working under the supervision of an RN, duties include assisting with intake, procedural documentation assisting, scope and instrument cleaning, and patient discharge.

Medical Office Assistants

Medical office assistants are primarily responsible for preparing the patients for examinations in the outpatient setting, setting up necessary appointments and obtaining necessary authorizations for continued care, and management of medical records.

Secretarial Staff

Secretarial staff functions as schedulers, secretaries, and receptionists.