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Clinical Trials Team

Our research efforts support SUNY Upstate’s mission and research vision by engaging in ongoing clinical and patient-centered research that allows us to continually improve our services and expand our knowledge of effective geriatric and AD/D practices, interventions and innovations for our patients and their caregivers and contribute to the field of geriatrics research.

Our research portfolio has expanded significantly with the CNY CEAD’s Director serving in leadership roles on multiple research projects.

Colleen Dillenbeck

Colleen Dillenbeck
Manager, Clinical Trials Program

I have worked in clinical research in various areas of medicine including orthopedics, multiple sclerosis, and oncology. I joined the Geriatrics department in June of 2019 and am excited to be coordinating studies for dementia and Alzheimer's disease. I feel it is so important to offer these clinical trials to our patients so that we can find better treatments for these diseases and help future patients and their families.

Megan Schuler, LPN

Megan Schuler, LPN
Clinical Research Associate I

I have been an LPN for over 15 years. I have worked in Alzheimer's / Dementia Units, endocrinology, home care and family care nursing. I joined the Geriatrics Department in 2020 and am hopeful that in helping to coordinate studies in memory loss, Alzheimer's and dementia we can help and find new ways to aid with these diseases.

Carol Reichel

Carol Reichel
Clinical Research Associate I

My career over the past 20 years has been in oncology clinical research and accounting. I was pleased to join the Geriatrics department in June of 2021. I look forward to using my experience to support the team, helping to track expenses and payments for these important studies being offered in dementia and Alzheimer's disease here at Upstate.

Kevin Hanretty

Kevin Hanretty
Clinical Research Associate I

I am a former Public Health and Exercise Science Graduate and joined the Geriatrics Department in 2022. I am new to clinical research but have a passion for helping individuals of the Geriatric Population specifically with aiding in discovering new treatments for Alzheimer's / Dementia. I'm hopeful that in joining the Clinical Research Team we can find new ways to improve the quality of life to those who have been diagnosed with such diseases and their loved ones.

Research Projects Team

Sarah McNamara

Sarah McNamara, MS
Certified Project Manager

Sarah is a certified Project Manager and coordinates various research grants for the Department of Geriatrics.  She has a background in healthcare program management, as well as curriculum and grant development.  She holds a graduate degree in Healthcare Communications and a bachelors in Health Sciences.  She has worked in graduate medical education at SUNY Upstate and Boston Medical Center as well as non-profits focused on health disparities both here at home and in Miami, FL. Sarah joined the Geriatrics team in 2020.

Diversity Recruitment

Kathy Royal

Kathy Royal, MS
Community Research Liaison

Ms. Royal has previous experience in administrative and outreach roles at the Center for Community Alternatives, Women's Opportunity Center, Access CNY, Catholic Charities, and the Salvation Army.  Ms. Royal joined the team in July 2021 and with her robust ties to the Syracuse community, experience with community engagement and outreach work she will be invaluable to this role.