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CEAD Memory Assessment

The CEAD is a resource for patients and families worried about worsening memory loss, confusion, or disorientation.  We provide a complete assessment of the patient and work with the patient and family to develop a plan of care to meet their needs.

Early detection of a memory problem is important as it helps make sure the patient receives proper care.  When a memory problem starts to impact a loved one’s daily life, this is the time to seek help from University Geriatricians and the Center of Excellence for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Assessment includes:

  • Full Medical Evaluation, including past history and medications
  • Functional Assessment, how well the patient completes certain tasks
  • Cognitive Assessment, how well does the patient remember and recall information, how is their reasoning, can they follow directions, etc
  • Psychosocial Assessment, how are they feeling emotionally and mentally

All these areas work together to form a more comprehensive picture and assists in proper diagnosing of a memory disorder.

In addition, the CEAD Team works with the family and caregivers to help reduce the physical and emotional stress of being a caregiver.  Our trained Social Workers can meet with families to provide information on Respite Care and other resources in the community to help with caregiving responsibilities.


University Geriatricians is made up of a team of Geriatricians (doctors that specialize in the care of older adults), Geriatric Fellows (Doctors wishing to gain more direct experience in working with older adults); Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, and Social Workers, all specially trained in working with older adults and patients with memory disorders.