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Well Being

Sanvello App (Free)

Sanvello was rated the best stress relief app in 2019. This app provides many self help tools for stress such as; mediation, guided journeys, ways to reframe your thoughts, tracking your health and daily mood, and also it provides a discussion board where others may add ways they cope with stress by sharing movies or music that may help or sharing stories of the stress in your life.

Headspace (Free until the end of 2020)

Headspace has hundreds of articles for any mind, any mood, any goal. Headspace includes guided meditation, 40 mindless exercises for cooking, eating, commuting and more, sleep sounds to ease you mind, and more.

MoodMission App (Free)

MoodMission uses the questionnaire you fill out to help you better cope with your moods. Each day it will ask you how you are feeling and give you 5-10 mission objective options to help improve your mood. Each mission objective gives a section called "why this helps" to show evidence based research of how the they can help improve your mood.

Moodfit App (Free)

Moodfit allows you to create a personalized goal list to improve your moods. The goal options range from mood, exercise, mindfulness exercises, sunlight, gratitude, sleep, nutrition and socializing. Moodfit will also track how your mood can be positively or negatively effected by your daily goals. The app will also provide tools to boost your mood through, breathing techniques, mindfulness audio/readings, gratitude, and send you custom inspirational reminders.

Tips for combating stress:foster relationships, involve religion or spirituality, practice self-care physically and psychologically, derive new meaning for work, develop a new approach to life with insight, understanding, and core values.