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Spina Bifida

The Spina Bifida Center of Central New York provides comprehensive specialty care to children and adolescents with spina bifida. The center is staffed by a pediatrician who is board certified in neurodevelopmental disabilities, and professionals in physiatry, occupational therapy, physical therapy, social work, nutrition and specialty nursing. We coordinate care with surgeons in neurosurgery, orthopedics, and urology. We also collaborate with specialists in wound care and facilitate the ordering of adaptive equipment.

Meet Our Team

Nienke Dosa, MD, MPH

Nienke Dosa, MD, MPH

Barbara Lindenmayer, NP

Michele Lamb, BSN, RN-BC

Cindy Serviss, RN-5, CPN, CLC

Jill Boyer, LCSW-R

Christine Whitney, DPT

Amy Merwarth, RD, CDN, CSP

Maddy Locastro, Equipment Coordinator


Schedule an Appointment

  • If you are a provider within the community, or a self referral, please call Central Scheduling at 315 464-4014, to schedule an appointment.