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What is a Chaplain?

Chaplains are specially trained clergy who work in clinical settings such as this hospital.

Chaplains do not take the place of your own clergy if you already have one, but provide additional spiritual support and resources.

Chaplains visit people from all faith traditions and respect your unique spirituality.

And—what you say to a chaplain is private, unless it involves harm to you or another person.

What Do Chaplains Do?

Chaplains offer pastoral care for spiritual and emotional support in your room before surgery, while waiting for a child during surgery, on the floors and in our private office.

Chaplains create worship services and conduct special religious rituals such as baptism and prayer services, or informal times such as singing and celebrating.

Chaplains consult with families and staff on religious and ethical issues, and support you in making important decisions.

Chaplains provide helpful literature, sacred texts, books and music to support you spiritually.

Chaplains educate about faith issues and religious traditions.

Chaplains offer pastoral support at the end of life.

How Might Spiritual Care Help You?

Spiritual Care can help you explore and use your faith to get through hard times as well as to celebrate good days.

You can ask questions about God.

You can tell a chaplain when you are happy or angry with God or someone else.

Spiritual Care supports you when you are frightened, get bad news, in times of celebration, or when there are tough choices to make.

Spiritual Care is here for patients, parents, siblings, relatives and friends.