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Your Healthcare Team

At Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital, our healthcare team consists of many dedicated professionals who will take care of both your child's needs and your own. All team members encourage patients and families to ask questions and discuss concerns.

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Case Managers

Case managers are registered nurses in charge of coordinating and managing resources. They screen all patients and assess for discharge needs. Your child will be assigned a specific case manager who will also help you with outpatient services, home care and community follow up.

Child Life Specialist

The Child Life Specialists at University Hospital help children cope with their fears and anxieties by offering pre-operative sessions and therapeutic activities that are tailored to meet their social, emotional, and developmental needs. Children are provided with the opportunity to continue normal development and to recover from the emotional and physical effects of illness. Familiar activities such as play, art, school and peer socialization are offered to help young children cope more effectively with the often overwhelming world of the hospital.


Chaplains from Pediatric Spiritual Care are available to provide spiritual and emotional support with patients, families and staff.

Spiritual Care Services include:

  • Pastoral visits
  • Emotional support during times of crisis and celebration
  • Prayer
  • Communion
  • Counseling
The Rev. Weez' Storytime can be viewed on the Spiritual Care Channel 40 in the hospital.

Golisano Children's Hospital's Pediatric Chaplain:

Nursing Staff

The Nursing staff consists of registered nurses, LPN's and clinical technicians. Your child's nurse will work closely with you to plan and carry out your child's treatments. They will keep you informed of the progress and any changes that may occur during the hospital stay. The nursing team will also help prepare you to care for you child at home after discharge.

Nurse Practitioners

These are Registered Nurses with an advanced degree and special training. The nurse practitioners may assist your child's attending physician in providing care as well as coordinating your discharge to home.

Patient Service Leader

During every shift, a specific registered nurse on each unit, called a Patient Service Leader (PSL), is assigned to oversee patient care. The PSL makes sure every patient is receiving the necessary attention and that the unit is always prepared to meet patient needs.

Nurse Managers

The Nurse Manager is responsible for supervising the staff of each particular area to assure that quality care is maintained.

Director of Nursing

This person oversees the operation of all the pediatric areas to maintain quality care consistent with the hospital mission goals.


Each day your attending physician will visit your child. He or she is responsible for all aspects of your child's care and directs the medical/surgical team taking care of your child. Part of that team includes medical students, interns and residents. The resident is a graduate of medical school and is in their second or third year of specialized training for pediatrics. The intern is in the first year of specialized training in pediatrics after medical school. The Interns or Residents are supervised by your Attending Physician.

Respiratory Therapists

Respiratory therapist are breathing specialist who provide oxygen, breathing treatments and help maintain mechanical ventilation if necessary for your child.

Social Work Staff

Social workers are available to help you and your child deal with emotional and financial difficulties while you are in the hospital. They will help you with sleeping arrangements, meal vouchers and parking. A social worker is on call 24 hours a day for emergency needs or support.


At our teaching hospital you may encounter a variety of students. We have nursing, occupational, physical therapy, respiratory therapy and medical students. It may be confusing at times but all staff have ID badges that identify who they are.

Other Staff

You may encounter a variety of other staff. We have a dedicated pharmacist, dietitian, occupational and physical therapist. We also have a tutor who will help your child with school needs if they miss a substantial amount of school.