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Club Med

"Club Med" is our twice-monthly evidence-based medicine (EBM) journal club. This innovative program integrates a traditional journal club format with the didactic teaching of EBM principles. Residents learn to ask clinical questions based on their experiences in clinical settings.

In the initial sessions of Club Med, residents are taught to express these clinical questions in the PICO (Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome) format. After the clinical question is developed, residents then use various on-line search methodologies to search the literature in an effort to find the best scientific studies to answer the question. Residents then review the results of their search and appraise the information. One article that best answers the clinical question is selected and then critically appraised in depth.

A second year resident is assigned to present at the session and works closely with a chief resident and a faculty member (typically with expertise on their topic) to assist them with their presentation. At the Club Med session, the article is presented to the residents and faculty, and EBM principles are taught. This critical appraisal is discussed by the residents and faculty to determine if the evidence is such that it should change or reinforce our current practice. This is followed by further discussion regarding application of the information to patient care.