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How to Obtain Records

Subject Matter List

As noted earlier, each agency must maintain a “subject matter list.” The list is not a compilation of every record an agency has in its possession, but rather is a list of the subjects or file categories under which records are kept. It must make reference to all records in possession of an agency, whether or not the records are available. You have a right to know the kinds of records agencies maintain.

The subject matter list must be compiled in sufficient detail to permit you to identify the file category of the records sought. The subject matter list of agency records at SUNY Upstate Medical University is comprised of:

  • Education
  • Personnel
  • Purchasing
  • Contracts
  • Business Operations
  • Marketing
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Legal

Requests for Copies of Records

Requests for records of SUNY Upstate should be in writing, but may in limited circumstances, be accepted verbally. You must “reasonably describe” the record in which you are interested (section 89(3)). If possible, you should supply dates, titles, file designations, or any other information that will help agency staff to locate requested records, and it may be worthwhile to note the subject matter category in your request.

The law also provides that agencies must accept requests and transmit records requested via email when they have the ability to do so.


Copies of records must be made available on request. Except when a different fee is prescribed by statute, an agency may not charge for inspection, certification or search for records, or charge in excess of 25 cents per photocopy up to 9 by 14 inches (section 87(1)(b)(iii)). Fees for copies of other records may be charged based upon the actual cost of reproduction.

Inspecting Records

Records are available for public inspection and copying at the records access office located at:

SUNY Upstate Medical University
Office of the Internal Audit and FOIL Officer
750 East Adams Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
Phone: (315) 464-4692
Email: foil@upstate.edu

Requests for public access to records will be accepted, and records produced during regular business hours.

To arrange for inspection of records, please contact the SUNY Upstate Freedom of Information Law Officer.