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Meet Cynthia

Meet Cynthia Jackson

Cynthia Jackson, Class of 2017, enrolled in Upstate’s College of Medicine in 2011, but found out she was pregnant – with twins – and put off medical school for a year. She was an RMED prime student in Canastota with preceptor Harry Capone, MD, who was an RMED student himself. She matched in psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland.

On Day One, Dr. Capone wrote three letters – RTR -- on a Post-it note and handed it to Cynthia. They stood for Relationship-Task-Relationship, because being a physician begins and ends with relationship.

"He wanted me to see patients as people," Cynthia said. "He wanted to know where they worked, if they liked to knit, things like that. Medicine has to do with how you relate to the patients, and he does that very well. He's almost like a friend, and he instills a sense of community here."

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Dr. Jackson graduated in 2017 and matched into the Psychiatry Residency Program at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.