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Rural Track Curriculum

Curriculum At-A-Glance

PGY-1 Rotations

PGY-1 Rotations Duration Setting
Bootcamp 4 weeks Upstate
Internal Medicine
    General Medicine 8 weeks Upstate
    ICU 4 weeks VA
Pediatrics Emergency 4 weeks Upstate
Inpatient Pediatrics 4 weeks Upstate
Outpatient Pediatrics 4 weeks Upstate
Newborn 4 weeks Upstate
Orthopedics 4 weeks Upstate
Dermatology 4 weeks Upstate
Geriatrics 2 weeks Upstate
Surgery 2 weeks VA
Elective* 4 weeks

PGY-2 Rotations

PGY-2 Rotations Duration Setting
Internal Medicine
    General Medicine 8 weeks ACH
    ICU 2 weeks ACH
Obstetrics 4 weeks Upstate
Behavioral Health 4 weeks ACH/EH
Emergency Medicine 4 weeks ACH
Sports Medicine 4 weeks ACH
Women's Health 4 weeks ACH
Addiction Medicine 4 weeks EH
Cardiology 4 weeks ACH
Pulmonology 4 weeks ACH
Geriatrics 4 weeks ACH
Community Medicine 2 weeks ACH
Rheumatology 2 weeks Upstate
Radiology 2 weeks ACH
Elective* 8 weeks

PGY-3 Rotations

PGY-3 Rotations Duration Setting
Internal Medicine
    General Medicine 8 weeks ACH
    ICU 2 weeks ACH
Behavioral Health 4 weeks ACH/EH
Emergency Medicine 4 weeks ACH/UC
Pediatric Outpatient 4 weeks Upstate
Endocrinology 2 weeks ACH
Gastroenterology 2 weeks ACH
Urology 2 weeks ACH
Pain Managment 2 weeks ACH
Ophthalmology 2 weeks ACH
Neurology 2 weeks ACH
Practice Management 2 weeks ACH/EH
Elective* 12 weeks


Upstate – Upstate University Hospital, Upstate Community Campus, and affiliated offices

ACH – Auburn Community Hospital and affiliated offices

VA – Syracuse VA Medical Center

EH – East Hill Medical Center, FQHC located in Auburn, NY


*Electives: A total of 24 weeks over 3 years in which residents have the opportunity to pursue their individual areas of interest. Residents may choose to do elective time in Syracuse or Auburn, with the potential to explore other healthcare in other rural settings. Upstate has established teaching relationships with healthcare providers in many rural communities through the RMED program, which provides rural training for medical students. At least 50% of all electives are in Auburn or another rural setting. Rural track residents work with both an Upstate-based advisor and an Auburn-based advisor who are dedicated to their personal growth and development.

Curriculum Highlights


  • Primarily at SUNY Upstate in Syracuse
  • Some rotations in Syracuse VA Medical Center
  • Experience Team Based Care environment in Out-patient clinic
  • No electives in first year
  • 20 vacation days

PGY 2/3

  • Primarily at Auburn Community Hospital
  • Option for four four-week electives in two years (50% elective time: rural)
  • Wide range of rotations to experience full scope of physician practice while promoting community engagement with a longitudinal curriculum
  • Bi-directional Educational Curriculum with SUNY Upstate Family Medicine Residency
  • Geriatrics longitudinal curriculum at Finger Lakes Center for Living
  • 20 vacation days