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Upstate Medical University Family Medicine Residency Program Virtual Tour

Program Highlights

Best of Both Worlds

Residents will enjoy a unique experience with the advantages of the resources of two highly academic institutions and a robust clinical experience of providing care to a diverse patient population in a community hospital setting. It is the best of both worlds.

Internal Medicine, Surgery and Emergency Medicine experiences will be in both Upstate University Hospitals and Syracuse VA Medical Center. Family Medicine Residents will be the primary residents in Inpatient Medicine Teams at Upstate University Hospital at Community Campus.

Residents will be working closely with seasoned and highly qualified faculty that will offer them mentorship and support in their growth as future family physicians. This hybrid model will offer them the best possible training in both academic and community hospital settings. It will prepare them to confidently practice full scale Family Medicine in any setting. It will also offer them an array of learning opportunities in both clinical care and research.

Earn Additional Credentials

Residents will also have the option of using evening classes and elective time to pursue a Certificate of Advanced Study in Public Health (CASPH) through the Department of Public Health & Preventive Medicine (PHPM), and the Central NY MPH program housed in that department.

The Certificate of Advanced Study in Public Health (CASPH) is a 5 course (15-credit hour) program of study. The Certificate Program is organized to offer an integrated core curriculum centered around the public health competencies. The curriculum has been designed to reflect the interrelationship between public health practice and research and designed to train current and future practitioners and researchers in the core public health functions.

The abbreviated training allows interested students the opportunity to acquire the necessary training to manage public health problems. The residents will have the option of using these credits for a Master in Public Health (MPH) if they wish to pursue further training in Public Health.

Newly Designed Facilities

The resident Family Medical Practice Site is housed at Upstate University Hospital at the Community Campus. This is a brand new, spacious and beautiful clinic space with gorgeous views of the hills in Upstate New York. The space was thoughtfully designed to accommodate a unique flow of patients in a resident medical practice and has well planned areas for clinical care, resident education, work space and conference space.

The current Family Medicine Practice has about 7000 patients and serves a very diverse population base. All ages and many underserved populations are represented. This will provide an excellent continuity outpatient clinical experience for the residents.

A Robust and Diverse Experience

The residents will also rotate sat the Syracuse VA Medical Center and will benefit from a unique experience of working with veterans. They will experience many innovative training programs such as:

  • Tele Video Health Program
  • Patient Aligned Care Teams
  • Home Based Primary Care
  • Hospital at Home
  • Whole Health Partnership
  • Lean Management
  • Integrative Medicine
  • Simulation Lab
  • Collaboration with researchers from The Center for Integrated Health

They will also have longitudinal geriatrics experience at the very highly rated Community Living Center at Syracuse VA Medical Center.

Twenty weeks of elective time will allow our future residents to develop their strengths in their areas of choice.


Structured and compassionate mentorship by experienced Family Medicine faculty will be a very important part of the program. Resident feedback will be sought frequently to continuously improve the program. Residents will work closely with the faculty and will have exceptional opportunities to learn and grow during their training under the guidance of experienced faculty not only from the Department of Family Medicine but  from many other specialty and sub-specialty Departments at SUNY Upstate that are partnering with the Family Medicine Department and are very excited to have this new residency program.

Rural Training Track

In addition to our core program (6-6-6), we offer a rural training track (2-2-2) with a 1+2 design. The first year is primarily spent at Upstate and the second two years are primarily spent in Auburn, NY in partnership with Auburn Community Hospital. The rural training site offers a unique opportunity for elective experiences for all residents.

Additional Program Highlights

  • Pediatrics at Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital is an amazing clinical experience where our Family Medicine residents can learn together with our pediatric community.
  • Family-centered maternity care at Upstate University Hospital at the Community Campus with excellent midwife/OB support for learning both vaginal deliveries and cesarean sections. Collaboration with Upstate Medical University perinatologists and neonatologists for high-risk pregnancies, deliveries and newborn care when needed.
  • Training in urban and rural community-based clinics.
  • Syracuse is home to Syracuse University and SUNY ESF, both are within walking distances from the main hospitals. Residents can utilize the library resources and other educational opportunities. Residents not pursuing a CASPH, can use their SUNY Educational credits for other courses of their choice.
  • Research and scholarly activities will be strong components of the residency program.
  • The department will encourage and facilitate a global health elective.
  • Some faculty members have had additional training and certification in Integrative Medicine and can offer mentorship and support to the residents interested in a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine.
  • The program will have an excellent balance between service and education. Residents will have minimal overnight call and time on night float will be approximately one week out of every four months.