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FAMP1612 Residency-Based Family Medicine

Acting Internship in Family Medicine - Residency Based Family Medicine

4 Credits | Acting Internship Selective

Elective Director: Dr. James Tucker
Contact: [email protected]
Prerequisites: Internal Medicine & Pediatrics
Maximum Number of Students: 1
Periods Offered: 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008, 009, 010, 011, 012

Elective Description

This elective is intended to achieve several goals: 1) provide an in-depth exposure to both in-patient and out-patient family medicine, 2) increase basic medical interviewing skills and medical facts, 3) allow the students to work closely with family medicine residents at all levels of training, and 4) give students who are interested in this residency an opportunity to demonstrate their interest and skills to our faculty. Mornings will encompass Morning Report, bedside rounds with the PGY3 and PGY1, attending rounds with the faculty member of the month and didactic conferences as provided by the PGY3 or attending. Noon-times are devoted to various didactic conferences. Afternoons are divided between floor coverage and Model Office. In any week each student should spend one to two afternoons in the Model Offices, and other afternoons covering the floors. any four-day block, each student should spend two afternoons in the Model Offices, one afternoon covering the floors and one afternoon post-call. Night call every four-six nights. The student will see the breadth of inpatient and outpatient family medicine. Students will be permitted to leave post-call after morning responsibilities are completed. Four weeks prior to the elective, the student must contact the Medical Education Department at  315-448-5547 for instructions.