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Medical Record FAQs for Healthcare Providers

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How do I request copies of a patient's medical record from other health providers and facilities?

For University Health Care Center only: contact the ambulatory service area medical record staff for current information.

As a care provider, I need to request copies of my patient's medical records.

Please call 315 464-7832 or fax your request to 315 464-7808 for Downtown offices. For after hours urgent care only, call the File Room at 315 464-5150. For Community Campus call 492-5565, Fax 492-5559.

A patient feels there is wrong information in his/her personal medical records. How can s/he fix this?

The patient may write a letter to:

Upstate Privacy Office
447 South Salina Street
Syracuse, NY 13202
The patient should specify the information s/he feels is incorrect. The physician will then be contacted and if s/he feels it should be changed, an addendum will be completed.

Where do I find a Medical Record Request form?

I need Release of Information related information.

Please call 464-7832 for Downtown and 492-5565 for Community Campus.

I need to verify a patient's admit and discharge date.

Refer phone inquiries to Billing at 315 464-4320 or the Admitting Office at 315 464-5050.

I have a subpoena for medical records and want to know who to send it to?

Healthcare providers at the Downtown campus who receive a subpoena for medical records should call us immediately at 464-7832 or bring the subpoena to Room 1211, on the first floor of University Hospital. If received at the Community Campus please call 315 492-5565 or bring to the HIM Dept., Room 1372, located on the first floor. Subpoenas are time sensitive, so please do not mail the subpoena to us.

Where should a primary care provider call to request copies of inpatient, clinic or ambulatory visit information?

Please fax your request on letterhead to 315 464-7808 at the Downtown Campus or 315 492-5913 at the Community Campus.

Can University Hospital fax copies of medical records?

Records are faxed only for continued care purposes directly to a physician's office.

I need a copy of a patient's discharge summary who was transferred to our facility.

Call Release of Information at 315 464-7832.

Where should a primary care physician call to request records from a patient's recent Emergency Department visit?

For patients seen in the ED contact Release of Information at 315 464-7832.
After normal business hours, contact the file room at 315 464-5150 for Downtown Campus or 492-5595 for Community Campus.

Can I fax a request for medical information?

If you are a patient or physician's office, you may fax the request. All others must mail their requests.

What is a conditioning statement?

Because University Hospital is considered a covered entity, there must be a statement contained in the authorization that the person releasing the records cannot condition the treatment given to the patient, on whether or not the authorization is signed.