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Contracts and Campus Purchasing

Contracts and Campus Purchasing
Sarah Loguen Center
Suite 2050,
650 South Salina Street
Syracuse, NY 13202
Map & directions
Phone: 315 464-4680
Fax: 315 464-4679
Hours: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday

Contracts and Campus Purchasing is dedicated to providing professional and efficient service to the staff and faculty of Upstate Medical University.  Our purpose is to secure the highest quality goods and services while maintaining the integrity of New York State's procurement guidelines in support of Upstate Medical University's mission to improve the health of the communities we serve through patient care, education and research.

Contracts Division

The Contracts Office is responsible for the development, execution and tracking of SUNY Upstate Medical University contracts. A limited number of contracts are administered by Campus or Hospital Purchasing. Procurement procedures for contracts involving the expenditure of state funds are governed by the same New York State Purchasing Guidelines identified in the Campus Purchasing User Manual.

Campus Purchasing Division

The Campus Purchasing Office is responsible for purchasing for the educational, administrative and research areas of SUNY Upstate Medical University.  The office is available to assist in providing product information; including sources, pricing and delivery.  Campus Purchasing will work with departments to obtain information, documentation or justification required by New York State procurement guidelines.

To view the staff available to assist you, please refer to the directory below or the department's organizational chart.

Contracts & Campus Purchasing
Dan Arnold Director  arnoldd@upstate.edu
Contracts Staff Directory
Terry Boyle Contract Administrator boylet@upstate.edu
Amy Clifford Contract Administrator cliffora@upstate.edu 
Cara Dailey Contract Administrator daileyc@upstate.edu 
Kristy Davis Contract Administrator daviskr@upstate.edu 
Kim Graziano Contract Administrator graziank@upstate.edu
Ivy Lopez Contract Administrator


Chris Mieczkowski Contract Administrator


Bill Shepard Contract Administrator shepardw@upstate.edu
David Watson Contract Administrator watsonda@upstate.edu
Marguerite Dodd Assistant Contract Administrator doddm@upstate.edu
Mihail Pistol Assistant Contract Administrator


Brittani Terry Assistant Contract Administrator


Annie Headd Contract Assistant


Campus Purchasing Staff Directory
Shawna Frigon Procurement Manager/Contract Administrator frigons@upstate.edu
Danny Gorman Purchase Associate gormand@upstate.edu 
Sean Barkley Purchase Assistant barkleys@upstate.edu
Courtney Angotti Purchasing Specialist angottic@upstate.edu
Jennifer Dow Purchasing Specialist dowje@upstate.edu
Patty Lukas Purchasing Specialist lukasp@upstate.edu
Cathy Johnson Office Assistant I johnsonc@upstate.edu
Jordana Bresett Clerical Specialist I bresettj@upstate.edu