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Services Offered

Proof of Eligibility for Clinic Services

The Dr. Garabed A. Fattal Community Free Clinic provides free medical services to adults (18-65 years old) who have no insurance coverage of any kind. The patient must not be eligible for any type of private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Family Health Plus, or Veteran's Benefits.

If a prospective patient has previously applied for any of these government-funded insurance programs and been turned down, the patient should bring a copy of the denial letter (as proof of eligibility) when registering at the Community Free Clinic.

Medical Care:
Primary Care Medical Services are provided at the Free Clinic by physicians and medical residents from the community, as well as United Health Services Internal Medicine and Transitional Residents. When appropriate, a referral may be made to a medical specialist who is willing to provide services.

Diagnostic Testing:
Diagnostic testing at the Community Free Clinic is limited.

Prescription Assistance:
Free Clinic patients are provided prescription medications as needed. The Community Free Clinic only provides medications prescribed by a Family Care Physician and only to Free Clinic patients. Free clinic staff also assist patients to obtain medications through the pharmaceutical companies Patient Assistance Programs.

Screening for Low Cost/No Cost Insurance:
An insurance screening helps Free Clinic patients identify low cost/no cost insurance programs for which they may be eligible.