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Promotion of Voluntary Faculty

Voluntary faculty play a vital role in advancing the Upstate missions of education, research, and patient care. We are indebted to our many voluntary faculty who serve as preceptors in community office settings and help to educate our many learners.

Voluntary faculty appointments are a requirement for privileges at University Hospital. All voluntary faculty appointments are temporary and subject to renewal, based upon an active, continuing contribution to Upstate, most frequently related to the teaching and evaluation of medical students and/or residents.

Expectations for the voluntary faculty role within a department should be outlined in a document, the Academic Expectations and should be reviewed and renewed on a regular basis.

In the College of Medicine, voluntary faculty are defined as those with less than or equal to .2 FTE paid salary support. 

Promotion to Senior Ranks

For those faculty interested in promotion to senior ranks, please contact the department assistant within the department in which you are appointed for help with the process.

You will need

  • An updated curriculum vitae. See Template Guides for the College of Medicine format for your CV
  • Evidence of board certification (if applicable)
  • Relevant learner evaluations
  • At least 2 letters of support depending on area of contribution
    • Clinical care and clinical education: Need letters of support from community and hospital-based physicians or other healthcare colleagues at other healthcare institutions;
    • Educational expertise: letters of support from educators at other institutions;
    • Research: letters of support from researchers at other institutions.