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Promotion to Professor

If you are planning for your promotion to Professor in the College of Medicine, this information is for you.

The usual and expected time in rank as associate professor prior to promotion to professor is 7 years. Generally, the promotion process should start in year 6. Contact the office of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development if you would like assistance.

CV and Educator Portfolio

Your curriculum vitae needs to be up to date. To be consistent with Upstate College of Medicine faculty, use our recommended template.

Every COM faculty member must submit an Educator Portfolio for promotions. Find helpful links in the blue box above, Guidelines and Resources, including the Educator Portfolio Checklist, which can help with your documentation.  See the video below, "Demystifying the Educator Portfolio", for additional information.

Your area of excellence may have changed over the years since your last promotion.

Your Annual Academic Expectations must be up-to-date and included in your application for promotion materials. A link for your AAE can be found in Self-Serve. If you and your chair or division director have adjusted your allocation of effort and you have "reinvented yourself" with a new focus, our flexible, trackless system can accommodate this and support a successful promotion.

Guidelines and Resources, above, has a link to the "COM Guide for Professor" which outlines the criteria for each area of proficiency and excellence for promotion to Professor. The criteria for excellence in one of the three categories (education, research, or service) are in addition to the criteria for proficiency and criteria for excellence for associate professors. Please review these criteria carefully. Leadership skills and evidence of national recognition are key!

All COM departments and the Binghamton Clinical Campus have a departmental P&T committee.

Your departmental P&T chair, committee members, and the departmental administrator are invaluable for providing mentoring for promotion and helping you to prepare your materials. Check with your departmental committee for any additional criteria or requirements for promotion, above and beyond the COM requirements.

The Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development, Dr. Ann Botash, and Assistant Dean for Promotions, Dr. Steven Taffet, are available to help through one-on-one meetings. In addition, the Office of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development provides “Path to Promotion” workshops each semester.

Demystifying the Educator Portfolio: A Video Guide