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Mentor Resources

Mentoring Program

The Office of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development is collaborating with the Office of Professional Development and Learning in providing mentoring. The Office of Professional Development and Learning offers a way for us to link faculty mentors and mentees. Mentoring is a mutually rewarding experience and the Office of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development will work with you, your mentor, and MaryAnn Stark, Senior Employee and Organizational Development Specialist to help provide a connection with the goal of ongoing professional growth.

Please fill out the faculty mentee form for faculty mentees or the general mentor form for the mentor application.


SUNY Upstate is working toward eliminating the gender gap with regard to women faculty. (1) The literature reports leaks in the pipeline for women at all levels, including need for mentoring for all women, and insufficient support for senior women faculty. (1,2) Innovative methods to foster advancement of women in education, research, and leadership are needed. Upstate Academic Women’s eMentoring (UWe) provides a broad network for outreach, connections, and support.

Past Sessions 

Demystifying the Educator Portfolio: Your Unique Career Tool, 7/22/19


  • Establish habits for building your Educator Portfolio
  • Analyze educator portfolios for significant information
  • Apply a checklist tool for reviewing your own Educator Portfolio
  • Educator Portfolio Checklist

Writing Letters of Support for Colleagues: Specifics, Subtexts, and Stereotypes, 10/8/19


  • Describe the role of the writer in letters of support
  • Illustrate the typical format of a sample letter
  • Review and analyze sample letter content for potential language concerns
  • Letters of Reference Handout (pdf attachment)

Gender Equity at Upstate: Where Do We Stand?, 3/3/20


  • Examine the AAMC 2020 statement on gender equity and identify areas to review at Upstate
  • Review available COM faculty workforce gender data and determine needs for additional data
  • Discuss possible practices that may influence Upstate's workforce equity
  • Review StandPoint survey data regarding harassment and discuss next steps to reduce harassment


  1. https://www.statnews.com/2016/01/12/women-medical-school-faculty/
  2. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30998791