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Fearless Learner

Fearless Learner

Helping Students Achieve Success through a Culture of Lifelong Learning

The strength of true learning comes from a culture and environment that gives the learner the power to teach the teacher. For students to become lifelong fearless learners, they must be respected for their contribution and be inspired to be responsible for their learning. Upstate strives to promote a positive learning environment through respect of all in our educational community, including appreciation of diversity. 

Learners may be medical, nursing, and other health professions students, residents, fellows, faculty, and members of the public. We aspire to enable our faculty to support learners who are fearless in their approach to learning. That is, we support an environment where learners are not afraid to ask questions. 

We want our learners to be ready to demonstrate creative thinking and initiative.  Learners should be encouraged to recognize there is always more to learn. 

A strong positive learning environment includes:

  • Clear expectations for effort and performance
  • Clear assessments
  • Reactions of praise, and rewards for good work
  • Perception of importance of material (relevance)
  • Perception of challenge and ability to achieve success
  • Opportunities to prepare for learning and/or doing
  • Environment of non-conformity (not always one right answer)
  • Encouragement after setbacks
  • Perseverance of the learner, using a changed approach
  • Support for learner curiosity
  • Recognition of the privilege of providing healthcare

Resources for supporting the Fearless Learner