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Faculty Orientation

New Faculty Welcome

Welcome to the faculty at SUNY Upstate Medical University. We have created this online new faculty orientation in order to introduce you to many of our key leaders and to provide initial information about their roles, their resources and how they can help you as your begin your Upstate career.

We hope this will help you understand how Upstate operates, and express a sincere warm welcome to you, one of our new colleagues.

The New Faculty Orientation is in four sections:

  1. Welcome and introduction from the President and the Deans of the four colleges
  2. Resources for ALL new faculty, including information about your important role as an educator
  3. Resources for those active in Clinical Care
  4. Resources for those active in Research

For each listing, please click on the very brief video to be welcomed by one of our key Upstate leaders. Then, please click on the accompanying pdf for more detailed information about that area and the resources provided to help you succeed and have a fulfilling career.