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Resources for All New Faculty

View these brief videos to hear from Upstate leaders and learn about resources available to you. Download the accompanying pdfs for more detailed information about that area and the resources provided to help you succeed and be gratified in your career here.

Faculty Affairs & Faculty Development
Ann S. Botash, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development
Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development
Path to Promotion: Associate Professor
Path to Promotion: Full Professor
Balancing Work and Family Life
Health and Wellness Resources
Dean's Office, College of Medicine
Lawrence S. Chin, MD
Interim Dean, College of Medicine
Robert B. and Molly G. King Endowed Professor
Department of Neurosurgery

Academic Affairs
Lynn M. Cleary, MD
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Senior Associate Dean for Education

Academic Affairs
Undergraduate Medical Education
Leann Lesperance, MD, PhD
Interim Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education

Graduate Medical Education
William D. Grant, EDD
Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education
Faculty Governance
Steven J. Glatt, PhD,
Chairperson, Faculty Council

Academy of Upstate Educators
Richard M. Cantor, MD
Professor of Emergency Medicine & Pediatrics
Student Affairs
Julie R. White
Dean, Student Affairs
We Make It Happen!

Research Compliance
Marti Benedict
Chief Compliance Officer for Research
Research Compliance: IRB, IBC and QAIP

Human Resources
Eric Frost
Associate VP for Human Resources
Human Resources Department
Eric J. Smith
VP for Finance & Administration

Sandra E. Delaney
Director of Payroll Services
Payroll Services
Educational Communications
Steven T. Marks
Director of Educational Communications

College of Health Professions
Katherine Beissner, PT, PhD
Dean, College of Health Professions

Health Sciences Library
Cristina A. Pope
Director, Health Sciences Library
Health Sciences Library