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Build Excellent Skills for Teaching (BEST) Program

BEST Workshops are offered each academic year in fall and spring (October and May). Each 1-hour workshop will help faculty improve their skills within each topic area. Workshops will involve discussion among the entire group, small group activities, and several handouts to take away for future reference.

Academy of Upstate Educators faculty members facilitate the workshops, which are designed to be interesting, engaging, and relevant to the teaching of all types of learners (students, residents, faculty colleagues) and are intended for educators of all levels of experience. 

Workshops and Objectives

Deliver an Effective Presentation


  • recognize the most common pitfalls
  • identify key elements
  • identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)

Provide Effective Feedback


  • recognize good and poor feedback
  • apply the principles of effective feedback
  • incorporate the goals into your feedback opportunities

Create a Positive Learning Environment


  • identify factors of trust and rapport
  • discuss opportunities for increased positivity
  • identify two personal strategies to promote positivity

Actively Engage the Learner


  • recognize the basic principles of active learning and why they are beneficial
  • be able to apply active learning strategies to engage learners
  • develop assessment strategies for active learning