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Work/Life Balance

Photos of some options for work life balance at upstate: yoga; childcare, swimming pool

We believe that our culture must support your efforts to achieve a balance between your work and personal lives and that meeting your family responsibilities, which will change over the years, are critical to your gratification and success. Various resources exist on campus and in the community to provide ways to decrease stress and enrich our lives.

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Work-Life Services for NYS Employees

Work-Life Services offers a multitude of programs such as Employee Assistance Program (EAP), NYS Balance, Worksite Child Care Centers, and Pre-Retirement Planning, that help thousands of NY state employees better balance their daily lives. These programs help connect employees with needed resources or save them money and time.

For more information on NYS Work-Life Services, please see the following web site link: http://www.worklife.state.ny.us/

New York State-Balance - a Work-Life Services Program

NYS-Balance, a free, confidential resource and referral service for New York state employees represented by CSEA, PEF, UUP, and designated M/C employees and their families, is now available. NYS-Balance is part of the labor-management Work Life Services program, which includes the Employee Assistance Program. NYS-Balance is designed to help employees save time and help balance work and life. The program offers services 24-hours a day, seven days a week and provides information on a wide variety of issues including budgeting, home repair, finding child care or a summer camp, health and wellness, elder care issues, retirement planning, college preparations, parenting strategies, and more. In addition, the NYS-Balance Web site provides an abundance of useful resources, articles, links, and interactive tools. For information, visit www.nysbalance.ny.gov (username: nys; password: balance) or www.goer.ny.gov, or call 1-866-320-4760.