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Annual Academic Expectations

Each college has a mechanism for annual review of faculty.

For the College of Medicine and College of Graduate Studies, faculty are expected to meet annually with their chair or division director to review their annual expectations. This review provides an opportunity for the faculty member to discuss their progress toward promotion and to make changes in effort allocation and/or responsibilities as needed. This meeting is an opportunity for the faculty member to share their accomplishments.

This annual meeting is supported through the completion of an online tool, the Annual Academic Expectations, found in Self-Serve. Faculty will be reminded to meet with their chair or division director through Self-Serve on an annual basis.  Completion of the documentation is meant to be a collaborative effort, with a face-to-face meeting and opportunities for editing a shared database supported document.

For more information regarding completion of the Annual Academic Expectations documentation:

For faculty missing from your Self Serve application (ie. Voluntary Faculty, Affiliate Faculty, etc.) please use the following template: Agreement of Faculty Expectations