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COM Committees


The Office of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development facilitates several important administrative committees. There are many opportunities for faculty engagement and we strongly support and welcome faculty on all committees.

The faculty affairs policies are reviewed every 2 years, and Faculty Policy Review Task Forces were formed in 2018-19 and 2019-20. These task forces enabled ad hoc review of faculty affairs policies. The mission, tasks, minutes, and current faculty policies from the Policy Task Force are available for review.

The College of Medicine Faculty Appointment and Promotions Committee (COMFAPC)

COMFAPC members are responsible for independently examining each candidate’s credentials for consistency with COM policies on promotion and tenure and any existing approved incremental departmental amendments.

The COMFAPC membership consists of widely solicited faculty representatives, with solicitation including recommendation by department chairs, other COMFAPC members, the Medical College Assembly Executive Committee, the dean of the Binghamton Clinical Campus, the Dean of the College of Medicine, and the Senior Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Development, based on their expertise and the best interests of the institution. Membership is approved by MCAEC vote and appointed by the Dean. 

The Faculty Educator Development Steering Committee

The charge for the Faculty Educator Development Steering Committee is to support Upstate’s culture of quality education, wherein good teaching is valued and rewarded and Upstate Medical University faculty members are motivated to enjoy their participation in teaching and to improve their teaching skills. Our goal is to promote a positive learning environment in all settings.

Committee Goals

  • To identify faculty needs and to provide the resources and support required for excellent state- of-the-art teaching.
  • To promote educational activities among the faculty supporting faculty skill development in pedagogy, curriculum design, advising/mentoring, and other areas related to medical and healthcare education.
  • To develop and implement activities to promote faculty interactions, collaborations, and sharing of teaching expertise.