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Medical College Assembly

Governance Officers 2022-2025

Karen Teelin, MD, MSEd
Karen Teelin, MD, MSEd
Chair, 2022
Rebecca Garden, PhD
Rebecca Garden, PhD
Public Health and Preventive Medicine
Vice Chair, 2022
Thomas Duncan, PhD
Thomas Duncan, PhD
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Secretary, 2022

The Medical College Assembly of the College of Medicine is established to facilitate the attainment of faculty objectives in the conduct of instruction, research, and service programs for which the College is responsible. This body meets annually.

The Executive Committee of the Medical College Assembly is the Assembly's governing body. It is composed of representatives from each academic department of the College of Medicine at the Syracuse campus and at least two from the clinical campus at Binghamton. The Executive Committee meets ten times/year to fulfill its functions and to prepare the agenda for the annual meetings of the full Assembly.

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