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Meeting Schedule

An annual meeting of the GFO is held during the spring semester if there are significant issues for the agenda, including installment of newly-elected officers.  The officers shall poll the membership for such agenda items.  However, after polling GFO members and consulting with the Dean of the College, GFO officers may opt to forego the annual meeting if no significant issues for an agenda have been raised;

The annual meeting or other meetings may be called, as deemed desirable or necessary, by the GFO Chairperson, the Dean of the College, or by petition of 10 percent or more of voting GFO membership, or in the alternative, an agenda item may be identified for consideration;

In lieu of physical meetings, the GFO officers or Executive Committee may inform the entire membership of said agenda item(s) and initiate a discussion electronically that may culminate in a recommended action item (decision) to be voted upon by ballot, either at a physical meeting or electronically.