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Upstate Faculty

Upstate Faculty is the name of the organization composed of all Faculty members at Upstate. This body promotes respectful collaboration and honors the traditional role of faculty participation and responsibility in curriculum, instruction, research, scholarship and service related decisions. Shared decision-making is an ideal to which the University aspires, as the Faculty strive to jointly achieve, with Upstate’s Administrative Officers, the mission of the University. One annual Upstate Faculty meeting is held as specified by the President of Upstate.


  • The Chair of the Upstate Faculty, by SUNY Board of Trustees Policies, is the President of Upstate.
  • The Vice-chair and presiding officer is the Chair of the Upstate Faculty Council.
  • The Secretary is the Secretary of the Upstate Faculty Council.


With vote:

  • SUNY Chancellor and Upstate President
  • Upstate Faculty with academic rank
  • Upstate Faculty with qualified rank
  • Research Foundation Faculty
  • Administrative officers with faculty appointments


May 20, 2020  3:30 PM - 5 PM
Virtual Meeting via WebEx