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Motion was made for Syllabus Template

  • Motion was made for the Committee to work further on this and to bring back to the November meeting. Motion was accepted

Motion regarding Faculty-Authored Textbook Policy

  • Motion was made to present this policy to the President for questions and resolution. The motion was recommended and accepted.

Motion was made for committee reappointments

  • Motion was made to refer to the Council Operations Committee

Motion was made for DACA Task Force

  • Motion was made that this needs more discussion and to table this agenda item and it was accepted.


Motion was made for Syllabus Template

  • Motion accepted to discuss again at the next meeting. Recommendation from the President to implement.

Motion made for elections - Council Operations

  • Motion was made to resend the letter for senate positions with nominations due by 6/1/17

Motion for a library faculty member who was nominated to be on the Faculty Affairs Committee

  • Motion was made for proposal to appoint faculty member and accepted

Motion regarding Sanctuary Campus

  • Motion was made and accepted to be discussed at an executive session


Motion was made to have a Faculty Engagement Task Force - College of Medicine

  • Motion was made for reconsideration of Task Force as amended in its charge

Motion for Syllabus template

  • Referred to Academic Affairs Committee for further discussion was made

Motion regarding Sanctuary Campus - University Faculty Senate

  • Tabled until the next meeting


Motion to approve revised syllabus template after being reviewed by the Academy of Upstate Educators

  • Motion to revise and table until the next meeting

Motion regarding Faculty-Authored Textbook policy after further review

  • Motion was made to put forth a policy by the Faculty Affairs Committee


A motion regarding faculty-authored textbook policy

  •  Motion was made to return to Faculty Affairs Committee for additional review

Motion on New Committee Appointment

  • Motion to approve a faculty member from the CON was made and approved

Motion for Distance Learning updates

  • Motion to approve as distributed was made and approved


A Motion to vote electronically regarding university-wide syllabus template

  • Motion accepted

A motion to appoint Mark Polhemus as Chair of the Faculty Council Academic Affairs Committee

  • Motion accepted


A motion that faculty should be able to use their own published books with the department chair’s approval

  • Motion tabled and referred back to Faculty Affairs

A motion stating that student fees should not be utilized to pay for academic regalia

  • Motion carried


No resolutions were introduced


A motion to create a President’s Award for Excellent in Faculty Governance

  • Motion Carried
  • Referred to Academic Affairs for development

A motion to determine how faculty should be involved in the appointment of new administration positions

  • Referred to University Affairs


A motion to create an Interprofessional Education program

  • Postponed until January after Councillors discussed with their colleges

A motion to develop a policy on faculty authored textbooks and materials

  • Referred to Faculty Affairs


A motion to enact the recommendations found in the Grigsby culture survey

  • Postponed Indefinitely