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Uveitis and Iritis

Uveitis refers generally to any significant inflammation inside of the eye itself. Iritis implies inflammation in the front part of the inside of the eye. The suffix "itis" means inflammation.

Of note, conjunctivitis, or inflammation of the conjunctivae, otherwise commonly referred to as "pink eye" is not uveitis because the conjunctivae is outside of the eyeball itself.

Uveitis or iritis can occur for no apparent reason. In fact, often times a person may have one episode and never have another. However, a wide variety of diseases can cause inflammation.

The management of uveitis or iritis generally involves treating the underlying cause, if known, and treating the eye with eye drops to reduce the inflammation. Sometimes pills or even injections are used to reduce the inflammation. And on rare occasions, surgery can help to identify the cause of the problem and so may be recommended in complicated or difficult cases.

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Charles S. Teitelbaum MD, Assistant Professor
Anthony Andrews, MD