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Scleral Buckle Surgery

Dr. Charles Schepens, with whom Dr. Andrews has had the privilege of working, devised a technique to put a silicone band around the eye to repair retinal detachments. This technique raised the success rate of surgery for retinal detachment from around 30% to around 90%.

The technique involves finding all the retinal tears and treating them with either freezing treatment, radio frequency energy, or with laser. Then a silicone band is placed around the eye to support the tears. This support does several things: it physically pushes the wall of the eye to the retina to allow attachment; it reduces any pulling forces on the tear from the gel-like substance in the eye called the vitreous; and it allows the vitreous to plug the tear.

In certain circumstances this surgery can be combined with vitrectomy surgery.

As always, discuss all options with your retina surgeon including the benefits, alternatives and risks, what will happen without treatment, and the risk of the treatment itself.

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