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Pregnancy and Diabetes Eye Care

Fortunately, women who develop gestational diabetes, or only diabetes while pregnant, do not develop diabetic eye disease. These women may be at risk for developing diabetes in the future but the relatively short duration of pregnancy does not cause diabetic eye damage.

Women who have diabetes, however, need to be monitored very carefully during pregnancy. Hopefully, these women will get a full dilated eye exam prior to attempting to become pregnant, if not, they should get an eye exam as soon after becoming pregnant as possible.

All women with diabetes should get eye exam during each trimester of pregnancy if not more often as directed by their eye care professional. Unfortunately, the hormonal changes, hemodynamic (blood pressure and blood flow) changes, and other changes can lead to an acceleration of damage due to diabetes. Fortunately, the laser treatments available appear to have equal success in pregnancy as otherwise.

Please remember that a woman who is pregnant should always discuss the risks and benefits of any treatment or medication, including eye drops with her eye care professional.

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