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Electrophysiologic Studies: ERG and Multifocal ERG

Here at the Center for Retina Care, we boast the most advanced electrophysiology technology in the Central New York region. In fact, only a few centers around the world have access to a multifocal ERG machine.

The eye produces electrical fields that can be measured with and electroretinogram (ERG) machine just like an EKG or electrocardiogram measures the electrical activity of the heart.

Our clinical facility has an ERG machine that allows a measurement of the total electrical activity of the retina. It can help diagnose inherited retinal diseases and can be used in combination with other tests to follow certain eye diseases.

We are extremely excited that we have access to a multi-focal ERG machine. Primarily a research device being used by Dr. Robert Barlow and Dr. Andrews in diabetic eye disease research, it can determine the electric function of the retina in very specific places. It offers a much more specific determination of electrical function in particularly difficult diagnostic cases.

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