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Employee Recognition Day 2022

38th Annual Employee Recognition Day

A Celebration Honoring Employee Service  |  Thursday, June 9, 11:00am - 1pm.

Each year, Upstate hosts a celebration to honor those employees who have reached a 5-year milestone in their years of service to this organization. This year's event returns to the OnCenter with a presentation for honorees and a take-away lunch.

Take-Away Lunch   |   Photo Booth   |   Masks Required

The event recognizes employees with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 55 years of service as of June 30, 2021. Eligible employees will receive an invitation sent through interoffice mail. All employees being recognized who are scheduled to work, and who attend the ceremony/luncheon, will not be required to charge their accruals to attend this event.

Thursday, June 9, 2022
Event runs from 11am-1pm. The program begins promptly at 11am and ends at noon.
Nicholas J. Pirro Convention Center at Oncenter 800 South State Street, Syracuse, NY



Upstate University Hospital: Shuttles will run continuously to and from University Hospital traffic circle starting at 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Upstate Community Hospital: Shuttles will leave the Community Campus when full at 10:35 a.m.; boarding at the front main entrance.

The return shuttle will leave the Oncenter at 12:15 p.m.


Welcome: Gwynne Conway, Chair, 2022 Employee Recognition Day Committee

Opening Remarks: Mantosh Dewan, MD, President, Upstate Medical University

Program Announcer: Robert Corona, DO, MBA, FCAP, Chief Executive Officer, John B. Henry Professor of Pathology

Invocation: Rev. Terry Culbertson, Chaplain

Closing Remarks: Gwynne Conway, Chair

Please pick up your take away lunch as you leave today’s ceremony.

Recognition Date Information

The recognition dates have been verified for the employees listed and adjusted for any breaks in service in payroll of one (1) month or more. Times spent on approved leaves of absence are not considered breaks in service. In addition, time spent in "student" titles (Student Assistant, Project Aide, Graduate Assistant, etc.) or titles of "Fellow" or those with "Casual" or "Adjunct" designation are not considered applicable towards Upstate Medical University service recognition.

The Upstate Medical University recognition date is a local date element reflecting combined years of service at Upstate only and has no bearing on official seniority or anniversary dates such as vacation, anniversary, state seniority, etc. If you have any questions or any changes in regards to an employee’s recognition date, please contact Megan Chase at chasem@upstate.edu.

Attendance at an employee recognition luncheon is optional. Day shift staff who are working on that day should report their normal meal period. If it occurs outside of an employee's schedule or on a pass day, attendance at the event will not be considered time worked/paid time.

In Memoriam

Sandra Abbott, Medicine

Paul Bauer, Clinical Engineering

David Bertrand, Imt-Administrative Info Sys

Danielle Bienvenue, Nursing-6H-Medical Icu

David Brooks, Physical Plant - Engineering

Kenneth Brown, Phys Plant-Electric Shop

Virginia Byers, College Of Nursing

Rosemarie Capriotti, Dean's Office-Coll of Medicine

Sarah Cavaliere, Financial Services-Patient

Kathy Choi, Joslin Diabetes Center

Charles Duxbury, Radiology - Nuclear Medicine

Stanley Erney, Clinical Campus

Timothy Glazier, Imt-Telecommunications

Leo Gould, Radiology

William Groves, Imt-Operations & Networking

Charles Harvey, Physical Plant - HVAC

Michael Jurbala, Internal Audit

Leo Kelly, Phys Plant-Boiler House

Edward Lindberg, Nursing-Extended Leave Pool

Robert Macdonald, Physical Plant-Engineering

Leslie Major, Clin Campus-Psychiatry

Bedros Markarian, Pathology

William Marx, Hospital Administration

Donald Mullen, Duplicating & Printing

M Janice Nelson, College Of Nursing

Susan Rathbun, Clin Path-Core Laboratory

Jeffrey Riley, Chp-Cardiovascular Perfusion

Charles Rogers, Clinical Engineering

Robert Sagerman, Radiation Oncology

Gay Scaringi, Phys Plant-Paint Shop

Kathleen Snyder, Surgery-General

Judith Spaulding, Radiology

Linda Steer, Otolaryngology & Comm Sciences

Clinton Stelmashuck, Pm&R - Rehab Therapies

Jessica Summers, Surgery-General

Mary C D Tolone, Nursing-Sterile Processing

Barbara Visker, Cg-Patient Testing Ctr (Ptc)

Kathleen Webber, Cg-3W-Tele/Med/Surg

Special Thanks

A special thank you to the following sponsors for their generous contributions:

  • Advocates of Upstate Medical University
  • MedBest Medical Management, Inc.
  • Office of the President
  • CSEA