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Tracking Hours

Making it count: Why track hours?

The Center for Civic Engagement requires that all students participating in service opportunities in our signature programs track the number of hours served. There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is to meet course requirements. However, recognition and accountability are also important.

On the practical side, we also need to collect information to share with our stakeholders and potential partners and financial backers.

How to track your hours

The Center for Civic Engagement uses the platform, NobleHour to capture service learning and volunteer hours. To set up a profile, go to Upstate's NobleHour site, https://www.noblehour.com/upstatemedicaluniverity/register on a computer, and create a profile by clicking on the Sign Up link. Once you have joined our organization, the NobleHour mobile app can be installed on your phone. The mobile app allows users to log volunteer hours while at the site, or whenever they have the time.

Service Learning Leaders (SLLs) and each volunteer are to log their own hours on the NobleHour site. In addition to actual hours spent at the sites, prep time may be counted. SLLs are to be sure all volunteers log their hours.

All Upstate students, faculty and staff may use NobleHour to log volunteer hours spent at CCE and non-CCE sponsored sites. NobleHour tracks your hours and calculates the impact your time provides to the community. All users are able to run reports on their volunteer hours whenever needed.

If you have questions about NobleHour, email: engage@upstate.edu.