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Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program

CCE offers students with Federal Work-Study (FWS) awards a variety of experiences through our offices and community partners. Students can choose to be employed at one of our community partner organizations, or in the CCE’s main office.

If you are interested in receiving Federal Work-Study funds for your work with the CCE, please apply here.

Community Partner Assistants

If students are not receiving academic credit as a Service Learning Leader, they may utilize their FWS awards by working at one of the CCE-approved community partners or sponsored programs, supporting the agency’s mission and participating in its daily operations. To sign up, students should first discuss this option with the Office of Financial Aid and complete an online job application. Once the review process has been completed, students will be matched with selected partner organizations, based on interests and availability. Once registered, students will receive additional information and training as needed. For more information on the use of FWS funds for community engagement activities, read more at Campus Compact (no affiliation to Upstate).

CCE Office Assistants

CCE Office coordinators are essential to the work and connection to the student body and the community. Students may utilize their FWS awards by working in the CCE office approximately ten hours per week. CCE Office Coordinators support the daily functions of the office, planning and promoting events, and connecting with the various student groups on campus. In addition to completing weekly office hours, office coordinators are encouraged to attend CCE educational events throughout the year.