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Volunteering in the community


The Center for Civic Engagement actively works with various community partners to help drive lasting improvements in the health of our local, regional and global communities.  These partners provide the social and environmental context to engage students, faculty and staff in an effort to explore complex public health issues and translate classroom learning into real world application. 

Our community partners provide a multitude of opportunities that allow students to experience the needs and challenges of the underserved and vulnerable populations firsthand. Through these interactions, students can learn invaluable lessons in respect, empathy, and cultural humility for those individuals utilizing services and programs.  Students can understand just how these community partners contribute to improving the health and wellness of the community and, in turn, contribute to the work required to sustain these meaningful services and programs.

Within the broader public health community, CCE works collaboratively with community stakeholders to identify and understand current public health challenges and the affected populations. These partnerships create meaningful experiences for faculty, students, and community stakeholders to develop innovative approaches to tackling the most pressing public health issues.

Guided by both the university’s mission and the needs of the community, we focus our efforts on leveraging community engagement and partnerships to promote sustainable change over time.