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About Engage

About Center for Civic Engagement


The CCE advances the mission of the university by fostering meaningful connections and engagement opportunities to improve the health of the communities we serve.


The CCE promotes and supports an institutional commitment to active citizenship and social responsibility through interprofessional service, education, and leadership. By harnessing the University’s diverse academic resources and expertise, the Center provides service opportunities for students, faculty and staff to contribute to stronger, healthier communities through a more engaged university.


  • Scholarship and Service: Application of knowledge and expertise to real-world problems which contribute to meaningful societal change.
  • Advocacy: Advance the responsibilities of citizenship, including self-knowledge, understanding of social problems, mobilizing partnerships and informed participation in promoting health equity and social justice.
  • Respect: Practice humility, understand how our actions impact the community, and view situations through the perspectives of others.
  • Sustainability: Understand and contribute to the systems that support healthy communities over time.