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Evacuation Training

Evacuation of Facilities in Disasters System (eFINDS) Training

Facility-based eFINDS training is provided for all identified staff who would be key in registering/updating patients in the event of full or partial facility evacuation. The eFINDS is a web-based application housed on the New York State Department of Health's Health Commerce System and is mandated for use in all facility evacuations. Two user roles are defined: eFINDS Reporter and eFINDS Administrator and must be assigned by the facility HPN coordinator. Training will be assigned to identified patient access staff members. The Tracker code for this training is EVACFACILITY.

Basic user eFINDS training is also available through the New York State Department of Health. Visit NYSDOH eFINDS to obtain additional information, as well as training dates for eFINDS.

Stair Chair / Paraslyde Evacuation Equipment Training

The Stair Chair evacuation equipment video is available on Brightspace. The training should be completed within six months of hire and is targeted to all hospital RNs. The Tracker code for this training is EVACEQUIBB.

A short video covering safe operation of the paraslyde is available by clicking here.