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Program Highlights

At Upstate University Hospital we are proud of our Emergency Management program and the accomplishments that have been achieved in the areas of communication, patient management, staff management, utilities, security and safety, and resource management.

Continuous surveillance and the identification and implementation of improvement opportunities has afforded the hospital the best possible program to keep patients and staff safe during all types of emergencies. A few highlights which illustrate our best work practices include:

Planning, training, organization help ensure successful responses Informed Patient Podcast

A hospital must be ready for any sort of disaster. Chris Dunham, MBA, explains how Upstate University Hospital is prepared for the unforeseen, such as blizzards, power outages and whatever else might occur. Dunham is the director of emergency management at Upstate. (2023)

Chris Dunham of Upstate Emergency Management recognized by CNYBJ as "Impact Player of the Year" in Excellence in Healthcare Awards ceremony. 

Link To YouTube Video

Emergency Management "How to Prepare -- but not overdo it -- for a pandemic or other emergency" HealthLink on Air Podcast Interview

Upstate's director of emergency management, Chris Dunham, MBA, discusses how adherence to practices including social distancing has helped during the coronavirus pandemic. He also goes over how to prepare your family for any emergency. (2020)

Emergency Management "Preparedness Month" HealthLink on Air Podcast Interview

Bradley Marmon, MPH, the emergency management coordinator at Upstate Medical University, explains the most important aspects of making sure people and their families are ready for emergencies. National Preparedness Month is an effort to get everyone thinking about whether they are prepared for a natural disaster, a weather emergency or anything else that could disrupt everyday life.  (2019)


Emergency Management "Ebola Preparedness" HealthLink on Air Podcast Interview

Christopher Dunham, MBA, the director of emergency management at Upstate University Hospital, discusses Ebola preparedness after the hospital was one of eight in New York State to be designated to handle any patients in the state diagnosed with Ebola. (2014)

Emergency Management "Emergency Preparedness" HealthLink on Air Podcast Interview

Christopher Dunham, MBA, the new director of Emergency Management for Upstate, explains how Upstate prepares for a variety of disasters such as mass casualty incidents, weather events, pandemics, technology failures, and how those preparedness plans integrate with other local governments, agencies and organizations. (2014)