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Storm Ready University

Group photo accepting the Storm Ready University designation.

Upstate Receives National Weather Service Storm Ready Designation

National Weather Service officials have recognized Upstate University Hospital as a StormReady® site. The StormReady program helps community leaders and residents better prepare for hazardous weather and flooding. StormReady sites have made a strong commitment to implement the infrastructure and systems needed to save lives when severe weather strikes.

Dave Nicosia from the National Weather service was on campus today to present the award.

Upstate applies the all hazards approach in planning for emergencies, this includes preparing for extreme weather.  Receiving our StormReady designation at Upstate highlights our commitment in building campus-wide resiliency to severe weather events and maintains our commitment to the over 15000 students, staff, faculty and patients that Upstate is active in strengthening its capacity to prepare, respond, and recover from these events.
The nationwide community preparedness program, founded in 1999, is a grassroots approach to preparing for natural hazards. Today, more than 2,350 U.S. communities are better prepared for severe weather through the StormReady program.
To be recognized as StormReady, a site must maintain a 24-hour warning point and emergency operations center; have more than one way to receive National Weather Service warnings and to alert the public; be able to monitor local weather and flood conditions; conduct community preparedness programs; and ensure hazardous weather are addressed in formal emergency management plans, which include training SKYWARN® weather spotters and holding emergency exercises.
The StormReady program is part of the National Weather Service's working partnership with the International Association of Emergency Managers and the National Emergency Management Association. The StormReady recognition is valid for three years and can be renewed.
For more information on StormReady see weather.gov/StormReady.